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11 Reasons Why You Should Get Oursourcing2Success: An Outsourcing2Success Review

Outsource2Success is the outsourcing success blueprint from Ray Johnson that provides the right strategy to online business owners who wish to grow and expand their business by properly outsourcing certain aspects of their business.

It is a 52 page, 11 chapter ebook that is all meat, no fluff.

Here is an in-depth account and review of the site.


I have done a lot of outsourcing for my business in the past, and have also provided outsourcing jobs too. The primary reason we outsource is to get certain tasks done quick, cheap and better than we could. We are not perfect, there are things that we can do well and some things we suck at. Outsourcing allows us to leverage on the abilities of other people who are better than us with certain fields. I for instance and terrible with web design and graphics, but I am very knowledgeable with link building and SEO, so instead of spending lengths of time on designing, I can just hire someone to do it for me and do it better than I could have ever done, and get the finished product faster too. This allows me to work on other aspects like creating a buzz on the site or building links. This would however depend on my goals.

This chapter takes you through the aspects of a business and helps you identify what needs to get outsourced.


This is a very important chapter in the book.

A few times in the past I have had certain jobs outsourced and the results were less than satisfactory. This is a major time waster because you end up growing over the work you have outsourced, and end up then spending more time on the outsourced work. On some occasions when an outsourced job is not done the way you would have wanted to, it is due to maybe a miscommunication or the service provider misunderstanding your instructions. But on many occasions, it could be that you just found the wrong person for the job.

This chapter tells you how and where to find the right people for your outsourcing tasks, and how to know if they are good enough for it.


As mentioned earlier, when your outsourced tasks are not delivered to your specifications, you lose time and money. This is because time equals money, and you had hired someone to free up your time so you can invest that time in another side of your business. But when jobs are not completed to your specifications, you end up doing more work on it, doing checking and correcting. A waste of time and money there. This could happen if you have not been able to properly train your staff or orient them appropriately on what it is they need to do or accomplish.

chapter 3 is another valuable chapter on this Outsourcing ebook, and will save you a ton of money and a lot of time, time you could have used to focus on other aspects of your business.


This chapter is going to be very enlightening for those who are just starting and are on a shoestring budget, as most start up online businesses are. But if you are already into outsourcing business processes or tasks, this can show you how to save on these costs.

Interesting quote in the chapter, “Buy cheap, pay twice”.


Most outsourcing jobs are goal centered. You pay your service provider when they are able to provide you with a finished product or a goal that you wish to reach. Some of these tasks and goals can be recurring, and maybe you need your providers to work more diligently or quickly especially if the time they finish a task impacts your overall timetable for your business.

This part of the fantastic Outsourcing manual shows you how to get productivity up and get your providers happily hitting the marks you set for them.


When I got to this point of the ebook, I could not help but laugh. No it is not a funny chapter, in fact it is a serious chapter that you really need to digest.

The reason I laughed was, when I saw the chapter, I immediately knew what it was about, and could relate to it because I remembered one instance in the past when I was unceremoniously discharged by an outsourcing client. Simply because they felt that their expectations were not met, I would disagree to that though as I believe they just did not want to pay me what they owed me, since I was discharged after I sent them a bill for what they owed me.

This is not part of the chapter but I wish to give you a couple of important tips on outsourcing that I have learned. For business owners, always make sure that you and your service provider are on the same level and understand what needs to be done and in what span of time it can be done. If you have found someone new, instead of giving them a hundred percent, or the entire task, give them a small bit of it to see if they do well, if results were good, give them a little more. Only give them the entire task once you are confident of the results that the service provider delivers.

If you have heard of split testing landing pages and ad copy, you should also split test providers, giving the same small but similar task to two or three and see which one of them does the better job.

Going back to the chapter, you need to read this so you know how discharge someone the right way. To ensure there are no disputes or disagreements that leads to a situation when you need to conclude your arrangement, always make sure you have excellent and constant communication with our provider.


Is your business well organized? Do you know which is what? Who takes care of that. This chapter will show you the right way to structure your business, and the corresponding tasks involved for each. This is a great way to later avoid confusion, because confusion leads to delay, delay leads to time lost, and time lost is money lost.


This was a big eye opener for me and I realized one thing I had been doing wrong with my own businesses. I made the mistake a lot of people do and that is, and this is being still very centrally involved with management, and acting as operations manager.

I learned a lot from this chapter and enjoyed it very much, and even much more, the next one.


Another light bulb moment for me in this chapter, I wanted to slap myself silly after reading it. Again, similar to training your providers, this chapter teaches you ensure that your chosen operations manager understands what you need done, how it is to be done and your timetables. I cannot help but again mention that, if we get this wrong, we waste time and time wasted is money down the drain. If this happens, your loss is double because you had already spent for those tasks which were supposed to free up your time.


In this outsourcing guide, Ray takes you through the process of finding the ideal candidate for the affiliate manager position. The affiliate manager is going to play a key role in your businesses. First of all this would mean that you have an existing affiliate program for your products that affiliates sign up to.


So once you have found the right person for the job, what do you teach him to make sure he deliver? This chapter runs this through with you, but one of the most interesting things about the ideal affiliate manager as revealed in the manual is reflected in the common complaints of affiliates about their managers, communication.

Affiliates need support, quick support in fact, and answers when they need it. One of the biggest complaints of affiliates about affiliate managers is that they take too long to reply to emails. Understand that, your affiliates are also business owners, and business owners work around timetables and schedules, if they cannot meet a certain schedule because your affiliate manager takes too long to address their concerns, you can surely expect your affiliates to move on and drop you and your product from their roster of products that they promote.

Aside from these 11 chapters, is the conclusion.

This is undeniably one of the best outsourcing manuals I have read, and you should get this by clicking the link below and registering on the site.

This manual is given away FREE together with a several live videos about outsourcing.

Once you register, you are going to be presented with a one time offer for an opportunity that will make you some money. But before you buy anything read the following clearly.

Registering on Outsource2Success gives you a lot of freebies, the 52 page manual, the outsourcing videos, and the interview with the lady millionaire from the UK. You will ge all those, even if you decline the one time offer which is not that costly though, just the cost of a couple of pizzas.

So you must be asking yourself why should you pay the one time offer when you are already getting the above items for free just by registering on the site.

Actually, Outsource2Success is really brilliant and let me tell you why.

We get a lot of free stuff everyday, ebooks, articles, information, software... a ton of stuff. Especially those that are on the internet marketing niche or the making money online niche. But I believe many of us are guilty of simply reading these and not taking action and putting into practice what we learn. So we have all that free stuff, that we can use in our business, but what next? Do we take that knowledge and really make it work for us?

The one time offer offer is something that those who are really serious about expanding their business because the additional products being offered to you at the other side of the offer will kick start your outsourcing efforts, and present you with an income generating opportunity.

So in conclusion, is Outsource2Success FREE? Yes, and you get a ton of free stuff that goes with the manual.

Upon registering on the site, there is a one time offer, is the one time offer that will be posed at you worth the opportunities offered on the other side? ABSOLUTELY! You are already getting tremendous value on the manual, and a low cost one time offer to a greater opportunity is well worth it.

Visit Outsource2Success and learn how to expand your business through outsourcing, the right way.

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